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Bug#688045: Installation report for Wheezy beta 2 installer

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Le 12-09-18 12:33 PM, Samuel Thibault a écrit :
> Hello,
> Thanks for the report!
> Fabian Rodriguez, le Tue 18 Sep 2012 12:24:45 -0400, a écrit :
>> - - The option to have speech synthesis should be closer to the top, or
>> be available in a way that will be consistent in upcoming versions.
>> Having it at the end of the list may mean it will move positions which
>> will inconvenience blind users that will get used to it being in a
>> certain position.
> Being at the end makes it in a way that will be consistent in upcoming
> versions, precisely: one can type <end> <enter>. But actually we don't
> even rely on that: there is an <s> shortcut on the option.

Yes, that makes sense. Thank you, noted.

>> - - While installing the base system more optional detail (when
>> downloading updates for example) could be useful .
> Most people do not care about such details, that is why we don't show
> them. If you really care, see the documentation:
> “
> Error messages and logs are redirected to the fourth console. You can
> access this console by pressing Left Alt-F4 (hold the left Alt key while
> pressing the F4 function key); get back to the main installer process
> with Left Alt-F1.
> ”
I appreciate Alt-F4 gives access to this but there isn't a hint about it
when it would be useful (specially low-bandwidth conditions come to mind).

>> Odd behavior (not show-stopper):
>> - - Clock/timezone setup wasn't automatic even though a network
>> connection was present
> Do you mean that the clock was not adjusted, or just that the timezone
> was not asked? When the country has only one timezone, the timezone
> question is not asked, that's normal.
> Samuel
Timezone was asked but could have been guessed (GeoIP?), I entered it
manually - end result was OK.


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