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Bug#688045: Installation report for Wheezy beta 2 installer


Thanks for the report!

Fabian Rodriguez, le Tue 18 Sep 2012 12:24:45 -0400, a écrit :
> - - The option to have speech synthesis should be closer to the top, or
> be available in a way that will be consistent in upcoming versions.
> Having it at the end of the list may mean it will move positions which
> will inconvenience blind users that will get used to it being in a
> certain position.

Being at the end makes it in a way that will be consistent in upcoming
versions, precisely: one can type <end> <enter>.  But actually we don't
even rely on that: there is an <s> shortcut on the option.

> - - While installing the base system more optional detail (when
> downloading updates for example) could be useful .

Most people do not care about such details, that is why we don't show
them. If you really care, see the documentation:

Error messages and logs are redirected to the fourth console. You can
access this console by pressing Left Alt-F4 (hold the left Alt key while
pressing the F4 function key); get back to the main installer process
with Left Alt-F1.

> Odd behavior (not show-stopper):
> - - Clock/timezone setup wasn't automatic even though a network
> connection was present

Do you mean that the clock was not adjusted, or just that the timezone
was not asked?  When the country has only one timezone, the timezone
question is not asked, that's normal.


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