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#650113 : grub-pc core.img has grown too much : Workaround


This error popped up while upgrading from squeeze to wheezy.

/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Your embedding area is unusually small.
core.img won't fit in it..
/usr/sbin/grub-setup: error: embedding is not possible, but this is
required when the root device is on a RAID array or LVM volume.

Then I made a mistake (my bad) which led me to re-install everything.
debian-installer gave the same error.

I worked around this debian-installer failure to install root on
LVM+RAID by manually partitionning my disk using parted :

# parted /dev/sda
(parted) mkpart primary 1MB -0

I think debian-installer should do this by default. This has bitten me
really hard in the dist upgrade.


(please cc me if required as I'm not subscribed to debian-boot)

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