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debian-installer-netboot-images upgrade path ?

Le vendredi, 6 juillet 2012 00.04:00, Didier Raboud a écrit :
>                              the installation paths are not
> version-specific: /usr/lib/debian-installer/images/amd64/… so I was about
> to add Replaces and Breaks against the -6.0- versions. But does this make
> sense? Would we not rather version-specify the paths (like
> /usr/lib/debian-installer/7.0/amd64/) to ensure co-installability ?
> a) Add replaces+breaks ?
> b) Version-specify the paths ?

It seems I forgot the above issue for the latest upload of debian-installer-
netboot-images. a) seems the most straightforward path forward but I think b) 
is the way to go (but more disruptive); opinions ?


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