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Re: Finalizing beta1: please dak copy-installer, urgent d-i, build images

Hello Steve,

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (14/07/2012):
>  - start building installation images (I think it needs at least a
>    dinstall + a mirror pulse though); putting them into a “dot-dir”
>    for the time being would be nice.

I have modified the following things on pettersson:
 - exit 0 for the crontab was reverted.
 - USE_DAILY_DI is now commented out again.
 - other bits were reverted too.

The only part remaining in svn diff is about what we discussed earlier,
IGNORE_MISSING_BOOT_SCRIPT=0, which probably wants a commit.

You can also kill any images I could have generated (looking at the
timestamps should be enough, the crontab has been disabled for roughly
24 hours), it's just getting too late here for my looking at those right

Thanks for your time, and help during my tests.


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