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Finalizing beta1: please dak copy-installer, urgent d-i, build images

Hi ftpmasters, release team, cd team,

please respectively, do:
 - dak copy-installer
 - urgent d-i
 - start building installation images (I think it needs at least a
   dinstall + a mirror pulse though); putting them into a “dot-dir”
   for the time being would be nice.

I tested a few wheezy images built against sid's debian-installer and
the results don't look too bad. I've noticed the following issues, which
might end up as errata:
 - desktop images (be it gnome cd 1, kde cd 1, or lightcd with either
   lxde or xfce) aren't very functional without a network mirror: no
   display manager for the first 2, and no web browser for the last 2.
 - I couldn't switch from cd1 to cd2 in virtualbox; I guess I'll try
   and debug that with Steve soon enough, if that happens with real
   images too.

If there's anything I missed, please say so. Hopefully [1] is getting
better over time.
  1. http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/ReleaseProcess


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