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Re: Blocking (or not) of "new" udebs

Adam D. Barratt <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> (25/06/2012):
> That leaves us with the follow list which need categorising:
> alsa-{base,driver,lib,utils}
> espeakup
> fuse
> grub2
> libffi
> libgcrypt11
> libgpg-error
> libnl3
> libpthread-stubs
> mbr
> mtdev
> ndisc6
> netdde
> ntfs-3g
> open-iscsi
> syslinux
> wide-dhcpv6
> wpa

I'm not sure when I have time to look at those, or whether I can make
that categorisation, but feel free to block whatever looks needed.
Worst case (on one side), everything is blocked and needs a review (but
there aren't many of them). Worst case (on the other side), anything can
break d-i.


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