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Re: How the debian-boot installer fucked up my system

Oops, I forget CC the mailing list, Forwarding.

El lun, 25-06-2012 a las 16:22 +0200, Matthias Richerzhagen escribió:
> Hello,
> As i have no optical drive in my Computer and i didn't wanted to invest
> time to get a boot USB stick running i decided to use the debian
> installer from goodby-microsoft.
> The first problem i encountered was, that the firmware for my ethernet
> card was not supplied with the installer, so i took a USB stick
> and copied the firmware files. 

The Debian Installer can't have firmware files (or at least, the
non-free ones), this because it violates the DFSG [1]

> That first of course didn't work,
> because it was NTFS formatted. But that was pretty obvious, so i could
> resolve that easily. (But this disability to read NTFS should be noted
> somewhere inside the installer itself)

The NTFS filesystem is privative, and is hardly usable and private
again, this is why is not supported in the d-i.
As my opinion, NTFS is a poor choice for a USB stick.

> After the installer had loaded its components from the internet i
> re-sized a partition on my hard drive (actually my Windows boot
> partition) to have some space for Debian and installed Debian there.
> The next step was to install GRUB. That was the first step that failed,
> with an error message: "grub-install /dev/sda" failed. 
> BUT /dev/sda is the USB device i loaded the firmware for my
> ethernet card from! (like i could see from the partition manager)

The actual squeeze installer ask if is ok installing grub on /dev/sda,
if you choice no, you can specify other device. If this was no the case,
maybe the d-i from goodbye-microsft is a little out of date.

> But installing LILO worked fine.
> Finishing installation - rebooting - Kernel Panic.
> stuck at initrd shell(?) couldt not find a kernel to load? something
> like that. 
> "Oh damn, but i still have my Windows System"
> But windows is stuck at the boot screen and says, that the
> partition is corrupted and that it cannot fix that.
> So in short:
> The debian installer wanted to install grub on my usb stick /dev/sda
> instead of /dev/sdb (hard drive)
> The partition re-size destroyed my windows boot partition (Well i cannot
> really blame you for that, because of the big warning about POSSIBLE
> data loss, but it worked for me on another system without the
> installer several times pretty well, so i was not worried :/)

Always there will be problems with NTFS partitions, in this case blame
the fragmentation in NTFS. You should always defrag the partition before
re-sizing it. *Other* option is let windows doing the resizing thing, he
can't kill him self (Or he could?).

> Now i got a debian install usbstick, which worked fine out of the box,
> but i want to share my experiences with you and have the hope, that
> nobody has to make these experiences again.
Maybe this supports my theory of the d-i out of date.

> Greetings
> Matthias

It's sad to hear that your windows partition blow up, but sometimes it
happens. Also, I think this is no the proper place to complain.

[1] http://www.debian.org/social_contract

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