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Re: open-iscsi's propagation to Wheezy

On 25.06.2012 13:56, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
This is holding open-iscsi's propagation to Wheezy. Please advise
what should be done.

Well, fixing:

 	* open-iscsi-udeb/armel unsatisfiable Depends: scsi-modules
 	* open-iscsi-udeb/armhf unsatisfiable Depends: scsi-modules

would seem the answer, surely? :-)

If nothing provides scsi-modules on arm*, the open-iscsi-udeb needs to not depend on it on those architecture. I don't know enough about the packages off-hand to be sure whether that by extension means that open-iscsi-udeb may not make sense on arm* at all.



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