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Error:bridge-utils are not installing

I downloaded ISO image of netinst (Debian squeeze) burnt on cd and installed it
on 64 bit x86 machine. During installation I skipped package manager configuration. my problem is that aptitude command is
not working properly.
whenever I issue the command " aptitude install bridge-utils", its output told me that there is no
package exist which could be matched with bridge-utils. I've checked its networking. ping is working fine.
As I'm in LAN, I've configured eth0 properly. But can't understand why I'm not able to install bridge-utils?
aptitude can not able to access the internet. whenever I want to install something it always says corresponding package 
does not match. I 've attached /etc/apt/source.list. Please check this file. is some thing wrong with it? or do tell me how 
network can be configured in debian?  


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