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Wheezy nightly build (netinst / businesscard) can't find disk drive on Hyper-V VMs


I just tried to use the nightly build of netinst and businesscard of
Wheezy on a virtual machine running on Hyper-V. 

The problem is that the the driver for the (virtual) hard disks is not
loaded. As far as I can tell this is due to the fix for bug #661318,
which now causes the ata_piix to no longer load on Hyper-V because the
hv_storvsc should be used instead.

However, the Hyper-V kernel modules (hv_storvsc et al) are missing in
the current netinst and businesscard installer image for AMD64 - I did
not check on x86 or any other installer type.

>From what I can tell the following kernel module should be part of the
installer to support installation on Hyper-V virtual machines:

I'd be happy to raise a bug on this, but I wanted to check first if this
is a know problem. Google and the debian-boot archives don't know
anything about it.

What's the correct procedure to raise bugs on the installer?


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