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reassign 676001 back to initramfs-tools

reassign 676001 initramfs-tools

Reassigning the bug back to initramfs-tools where it belongs
according to my comments below and lack of any arguments to
the opposite.  With all my dislike to such a ping-pong.



On 05.06.2012 08:45, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> I disagree it is a busybox problem, and don't think it is a
> switch_root business (be it from busybox or from util-linux).
> There are a few special directories which needs to be moved
> or umounted.  This includes /proc, /dev, /sys and not mentioned
> here /run.  These directories might be mounted in the new root
> already, or there may be some option passed to initramfs to
> not mount these, or there may be other local policy or whatever
> decisions.  All that can't be handled and can't be known to
> switch_root -- this is exactly why we have initramfs/init as
> a script, to be able to handle various local usecases/policies
> and made it extendable.
> Also, as shown by Vagrant in the initial bugreport, it is
> really trivial to fix it in initramfs.
> The fact that util-linux is doing this does not make it right
> thing to do.
> Why do you think it is a busybox bug?

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