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Re: Processed: reassign 676001 to busybox

On 05.06.2012 00:45, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:
>> reassign 676001 busybox
> Bug #676001 [initramfs-tools] initramfs-tools: busybox's switch_root doesn't handle /proc or /sys moving
> Bug reassigned from package 'initramfs-tools' to 'busybox'.

When reassigning bugs like this, care to explain the reasoning
too, so that it wont be necessary to send a followup questions
like this one?

I disagree it is a busybox problem, and don't think it is a
switch_root business (be it from busybox or from util-linux).

There are a few special directories which needs to be moved
or umounted.  This includes /proc, /dev, /sys and not mentioned
here /run.  These directories might be mounted in the new root
already, or there may be some option passed to initramfs to
not mount these, or there may be other local policy or whatever
decisions.  All that can't be handled and can't be known to
switch_root -- this is exactly why we have initramfs/init as
a script, to be able to handle various local usecases/policies
and made it extendable.

Also, as shown by Vagrant in the initial bugreport, it is
really trivial to fix it in initramfs.

The fact that util-linux is doing this does not make it right
thing to do.

Why do you think it is a busybox bug?



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