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Bug#652573: busybox-udeb: debian stable busybox udhcp client does not support /32 netmasks

On 2 Jun 2012, at 22:14, Michael Tokarev wrote:

> On 02.06.2012 23:59, Conrad Wood wrote:
> []
>> In some "cloud" environments, including ours, we configure an ethernet device with a single /32 IP Address. Say, for example The Default Gateway is, for example, The linux kernel and BSD happily work as desired and send out an arp request out of the ethernet device and route _everything_ to the default gateway. 
>> Configuring this manually is straightforward and works as desired.
>> Using the ISC-DHCP client also works as desired. It picks up IP, Netmaks and gateway perfectly well.
>> However, in the installer, with the busybox dhcp client, it stalls and claims it is unable to configure the network interfaces. Anything _apart_ from /32 (say /31, /30 etc.) works ok. But then the gateway won't be reachable, as the kernel then tries to do 'propper(?)' routing instead of just forwarding the packets.
> Did you try using busybox dhcp client on an already
> installed system, as opposed to the debian installer?
> I just tried - dnsmasq as dhcp server, and squeeze busybox -
> it accepts the /32 netmask just fine and configures the
> interface accordingly.  I had to overwrite "netmask" option
> on the server, setting it explicitly, and I verified with
> tcpdump that the server sends correct DHCP reply with the
> right netmask.
> But I'm not actually sure how debian installer configures
> the network...
> Thanks,
> /mjt

Hm, I believe we did. +CC Jens Ott, our network guru, I think he did try. Let's see what he has to say about that ;)


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