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Bug#652573: busybox-udeb: debian stable busybox udhcp client does not support /32 netmasks

On 02.06.2012 23:59, Conrad Wood wrote:
> In some "cloud" environments, including ours, we configure an ethernet device with a single /32 IP Address. Say, for example The Default Gateway is, for example, The linux kernel and BSD happily work as desired and send out an arp request out of the ethernet device and route _everything_ to the default gateway. 
> Configuring this manually is straightforward and works as desired.

> Using the ISC-DHCP client also works as desired. It picks up IP, Netmaks and gateway perfectly well.

> However, in the installer, with the busybox dhcp client, it stalls and claims it is unable to configure the network interfaces. Anything _apart_ from /32 (say /31, /30 etc.) works ok. But then the gateway won't be reachable, as the kernel then tries to do 'propper(?)' routing instead of just forwarding the packets.

Did you try using busybox dhcp client on an already
installed system, as opposed to the debian installer?

I just tried - dnsmasq as dhcp server, and squeeze busybox -
it accepts the /32 netmask just fine and configures the
interface accordingly.  I had to overwrite "netmask" option
on the server, setting it explicitly, and I verified with
tcpdump that the server sends correct DHCP reply with the
right netmask.

But I'm not actually sure how debian installer configures
the network...



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