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Bug#672423: task-kannada-desktop: please remove scim-tables from Depends

Quoting Aron Xu (happyaron.xu@gmail.com):

> > I however wonder what alternative should be offerred for language tasks
> > that were using SCIM. I guess there is a preferred input method for
> > them?
> >
> Currently the 1st recommended is IBus, and 2nd is Fcitx.

I wonder if we should add these to languages that need an input method
or if they're pulled in by some other dependency.

My understanding is that there is only one package for each, right?

> > Would you indeed mind looking at the entire debian/control file for
> > tasksel and make recommendations for input methods depending on
> > languages. I bet you're a much better specialist than me or other
> > tasksel maintainers...:-)
> >
> >
> Sure, but I can only look at them after June 12th, which is a bit late
> for freeze, but I think it shouldn't be a problem?

No, not at all.

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