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Bug#652946: live-installer does not install /var/spool and breaks crontab

> i cannot reproduce it with plain squeeze, and not with custom squeeze
> images (that use the same live-installer/d-i as wheezy, mostly).
> while the error clearly is in busybox, and using the tar from the target
> system is not acceptable solution, i assume this was a temporary issue
> with busybox in wheezy.
> i'll try to reproduce it later with a wheezy and sid/daily based image.

Hi Daniel,

sorry for the long delay. Only now I can reproduce live-installer bugs
in squeeze and wheezy with confidence.

I can also confirm that this bug does __not__ happen in squeeze for sure.

I suspect that bug #673328 is the same as this one because /var/log is
not restored in disk installation.

To confirm it I've build a wheezy standard live image with daily
installer udeb, and with a patched live-installer udeb. In the patched
live-installer /var/log/ directory is in /target/ after install,
without it /var/log does not exist in /target/.

wheezy with patched udeb http://www.adrive.com/public/q4BeZW.html

normal wheezy http://www.adrive.com/public/HPRHfB.html

The patched udebs can be found in github

Should this bug be re-assigned to busybox/tar?

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