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Re: Re: Running on rotated screen

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 12:51:05PM -0700, Loving, Kent wrote:
> Well, I havn't given up. As you said, using fbcon rotated the screen just great until installer menu is painted. I dug and found that the script /lib/debian_installer.d/S70menu is "wrapping" the menu with the program bterm. I interupted the install (using BOOT_DEBUG=3) and edited that script such that it launched the menu without bterm. Viola! The menu is painted with the desired rotation.
> The S70menu script uses bterm if all of the following are true:
> A) bterm is present and executable
> B) the font it needs is present
> C) the variable TERM_UTF8 is set
> D) the variable TERM_FRAMEBUFFER is set
> E) DEBIAN_FRONTEND is not "gtk"
> I was hoping there is a boot parameter that I can change to cause one of those tests to fail. I can only do fb=false, but that causes too much change: the framebuffer isn't used at all, so I can't rotate.
> I am using Simple CDD to build my custom installer CD. Can anyone advise how to configure Simple CDD to either:
> 1) not include bterm. It's in package bogl-bterm-udeb, but even if that package is not on the CD, bterm is still present. It's present even just after booting (before init). I can't figure out what puts it there.
> 2) include a modified /lib/debian_installer.d/S70menu that doesn't use bterm. I need to know how that file gets put on the CD too.

Well at least my crazy suggestions got you closer then.

Len Sorensen

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