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Re: Re: Running on rotated screen

Way back in February, Lennart Sorensen wrote:

> Of course the framebuffer has lots of neat options so you could try
> adding a kernel option when booting the installer with:
> fbcon=rotate:1 (for rotate clockwise) or
> fbcon=rotate:3 (for rotate counterclockwise)
> Might work.  But probably only in text mode install, since graphical
> mode does its own thing and fbcon only controls console text on the
> framebuffer device.
> Unfortunately I just tried it, and while it does rotate the kernel
> messages, as soon as the debian installer starts and asks which language
> you want, it has switched back to "normal".

Well, I havn't given up. As you said, using fbcon rotated the screen just great until installer menu is painted. I dug and found that the script /lib/debian_installer.d/S70menu is "wrapping" the menu with the program bterm. I interupted the install (using BOOT_DEBUG=3) and edited that script such that it launched the menu without bterm. Viola! The menu is painted with the desired rotation.

The S70menu script uses bterm if all of the following are true:
A) bterm is present and executable
B) the font it needs is present
C) the variable TERM_UTF8 is set
D) the variable TERM_FRAMEBUFFER is set
E) DEBIAN_FRONTEND is not "gtk"

I was hoping there is a boot parameter that I can change to cause one of those tests to fail. I can only do fb=false, but that causes too much change: the framebuffer isn't used at all, so I can't rotate.

I am using Simple CDD to build my custom installer CD. Can anyone advise how to configure Simple CDD to either:
1) not include bterm. It's in package bogl-bterm-udeb, but even if that package is not on the CD, bterm is still present. It's present even just after booting (before init). I can't figure out what puts it there.
2) include a modified /lib/debian_installer.d/S70menu that doesn't use bterm. I need to know how that file gets put on the CD too.

Thanks in advance,
Kent Loving

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