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Bug#511287: debian-installer: Should have a task for installing KDE or XFCE instead of Gnome

May I chime in? I'm currently installing a squeeze system, didn't bother using 
expert mode or fishing around for extra commands, and started the install, 
expecting to get a choice when selecting "desktop environment" in tasksel, and 
didn't really want to install a big desktop because it's a slow virtual 
machine on a USB disk.

I totally agree with Stephane Ascoet that newbies are hardly likely to install 
Debian by themselves anyway. But even if they do, if Gnome is marked as 
default and there are no confusing descriptions (at most, I think they should 
say resource heavy/resource light), I don't think accepting the default would 
be a problem for beginners.

So I vote ask everyone installing a desktop by default.

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