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Bug#673365: installation-report: dnet-common looks unnecessary for normal environment

Christian Perrier wrote:
>Quoting Kenshi Muto (kmuto@debian.org):
>> Of course all installations worked well on VirtualBox, but
>> I noticed the installer (with choosing desktop on tasksel)
>> asked dnet-common debconf configuration even debconf-level
>> was high.
>> Although I'm not sure what introduces dnet-common, setting
>> DECnet seems unnecessary for modern environment.
>We could maybe climb back the dependency tree. Have you tried removing
>dnet-common and see what's removed?
>A quick look shows things related to "ROAR audio". No idea what it
>could be.
>But, for sure, having a default Debian desktop install asking
>questions about "DECNet node address" is certainly not something we

#655740. I'm about to NMU it to fix this daft behaviour.

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