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Bug#670530: debian-installer-6.0-netboot-armel: missing support for LaCie NASes (Kirkwood)

* Simon Guinot <simon@sequanux.org> [2012-04-26 16:09]:
> I understand that creating the netboot image is wrong because the
> network-console image already includes the same installer (plus the
> network console). Isn't it ?

It's not wrong per so but I think it doesn't make sense to generate
the netboot image when the majority of users will use network-console.
Those with a serial console can always use the network-console image
and then perform the installation on serial rather than via SSH.

> There is no recovery mode available on the Kirkwood LaCie devices. If
> the Debian system breaks, a recovery system must be loaded from the
> U-Boot console (serial or network).

Is there a page describing how to use the u-boot console via the

Martin Michlmayr

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