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Bug#670530: debian-installer-6.0-netboot-armel: missing support for LaCie NASes (Kirkwood)

Hi Martin,

On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 02:23:56PM +0100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Simon Guinot <simon@sequanux.org> [2012-04-26 12:41]:
> > Actually no Debian installer images are provided for LaCie NASes
> > based on Kirkwood SoC.
> Can you explain why you're creating both netboot and network-console
> images?  How would a normal user install Debian on LaCie devices?

A normal user would install Debian over ssh, using network-console and
preseeding. Installing over the serial console is also possible but it
is not very user friendly. One needs to open the case (voiding the
warranty), to figure out the serial pineout and to connect an adapter
as a max3232...

I understand that creating the netboot image is wrong because the
network-console image already includes the same installer (plus the
network console). Isn't it ?

> Also, do LaCie devices have some kind of recovery mode or do users
> need a serial console if Debian stops working?

There is no recovery mode available on the Kirkwood LaCie devices. If
the Debian system breaks, a recovery system must be loaded from the
U-Boot console (serial or network).


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