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Bug#665852: [PATCH] Replace the volatile name with release updates.

Quoting Philipp Kern (pkern@debian.org):
> Untested concept. Please review the strings.

Strings are fine by me. I would appreciate these strings to be marked
as belonging to sublevel 6 (as explained this makes my work in
tracking everything l10n-related much easier). I will commit myself to
push as hard as possible for these strings to be translated for as
many languages as possible (at least get them translated for the ~40
languages were translation is 100% for all other D-I strings).

The only thing I don't want to do is seeing these strings lead to a
language being a candidate for deactivation, hence the move to
sublevel 6. As a reminder : languages that are not complete for
sublevels 1 and 2 are *candidates* for being dropped (the real
decision of dropping them or not will be done on a case by case

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