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Skip one udeb step on d-i


I'm trying to customize d-i for installing custom debian packages based
on some debconf questions.

I learn a lot about udeb's build and debconf system exploring some udebs
(like pkgsel, base-installer are good examples).

I also successfully build one d-i image using my local mirror and my
custom packages list. I have to admit, is amazing the way d-i and
debian-cd works.

But I include my custom udeb (called installfest) with a menu item
number of 7000, depends on apt-setup-udeb and provides pkgsel. This with
the propose of skipping pkgsel. I always skip pkgsel and tasksel even on
my own debian installs. It's not pkgsel fault, I just don't like the
default task selection.

So, my special udeb installs a special list of packages, but I still
can't skip pkgsel.

Do you have any suggest to make it work?

Thanks and sorry for the long mail.

Atte. Félix Arreola Rodríguez,
Firmado con GPG, llave 1E249EE4

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