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building gnupg-udeb with enable-minimal


GnuPG has for a while now the configure switch --enable-minimal, which builds 
a gnupg with as few options enabled as possible. I was wondering if using this 
configure switch for the gnupg-udeb would make sense for you - I remember that 
size was an issue, not sure if that's still a relevant concern. I tried to 
rebuild gnupg-udeb with --enable-minimal, and that reduces the size from 817K 
to 568K; so not dramatic but still significant. I didn't really test it 
though, so it may be that the installer actually needs more options than this.

So my question to you is: would a size saving in this order be a significant 
improvement for the installer? If so, what minimum functionality would be 
required from gnupg-udeb? I can then explore this further, but would like to 
be sure that it would be actually useful.

BTW, gpgv is already a minimal tool, so the switch has no relevant effect 


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