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Bug#415634: Update

With KDE 4.7, things are quite different. We have new metapackages, including a convenient "kde-standard", which is pretty much the same as the proposed kde-typical. Considering that kaffeine is less interesting now (kaboodle was replaced by dragonplayer), the only important thing from kde-extras-typical that's still not installed by kde-standard is amarok. Amarok has changed too. Installing it on my not-so-barebone KDE (kde-standard is installed) now adds 99 MB (installed size):
amarok amarok-common amarok-utils kdemultimedia-kio-plugins libgpod-common libgpod4-nogtk liblastfm0 libloudmouth1-0 libqjson0 libqtscript4-core libqtscript4-gui libqtscript4-network libqtscript4-sql libqtscript4-uitools libqtscript4-xml

Amarok itself is 78 MB. JuK is still just 1 MB. Now that KDE has changed (see http://dot.kde.org/2009/11/24/repositioning-kde-brand?page=1 ) I think we could make kde-standard depend on either JuK or Amarok, and not need to change task-kde-desktop.

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