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Re: error on live-cd


On 02/04/12 10:46 AM, Nilton Seixas wrote:
I'm Flávio, a student at Federal University of Bahia. I found an error
when trying to make a live cd. The settings were defaults. Only typed
commands lb lb config and build. The error was as follows:
W: Failed to fetch
copy :/
Encountered a section with the Package: header.

First of all, this question is not appropriate for this list, but should be asked on debian-live@lists.debian.org, which I have CC'd in this reply. Please follow up to that list only, dropping debian-boot from your CC.

Second, the bug appears to be this one in apt:


Although it appears that adding the new version of apt in experimental to your image configuration would fix this, I would be hesitant to build a live image using an apt from experimental for anything other than testing purposes. If it were me, I would try 'lb config --mirror-binary <some.other.mirror>' first. Though if this particular configuration is as common as comment #49 suggests, it may be hard to find a suitable candidate by trial and error.


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