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Bug#658968: debian-installer: permits install with out configuring root password

Quoting Sam Bingner (sam@bingner.com):

> I did it again to test, and it was because I did expert to enable the network console installer component that I was able to bypass it.  If I do not do an expert install it does not give the selection menu.
> I suppose that is understandable, but a warning would still be nice... if you want I'll go ahead and do another expert install and skip that... but I think that was the information you were missing to understand.

OK, then if you're running an expert install, you should go back to
the installer's main menu after each step. And, then, there should be
a "Set users and passwords" entry. I would have said that one has to
complete it at some point because some other steps require it to be

What you seem to suggest is that you actually never went to that
step. Do you remember if you saw that option or not in the main
installer menu?

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