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Bug#658968: debian-installer: permits install with out configuring root password

Quoting Sam Bingner (sam@bingner.com):
> Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org)
> >Quoting Sam (sam@bingner.com):
> >> Package: debian-installer
> >> Severity: normal
> >> Tags: d-i
> >> 
> >> Debian installer will allow you to complete an install without ever visiting the configure users section and no warning.  This will result in a system installed with no way to log in except booting with init=/bin/sh
> >
> >
> >You really need to explain how you ended up in this situation.
> I thought I did?
> In any case, I was doing a network install... so I got to where it enabled ssh access (network-installer-console) and then connected remotely to complete the install.  When I connected remotely, I forgot I had not visited the users area before enabling ssh.
> Also, I was able to do the same thing with a normal console install... just to verify it wasn't a quirk of the remote-ssh-console
> Sam

(re-adding the BTS in copy)

During a normal console install, the "Set users and passwords"
component should run, so it is very unusual to read that you were
never prompted for root password as well as setting up one regular
user and its password.

If you can reproduce this, a full log of the installation (which can
be found in /var/log/installer on the installed system) would help
understading why user-setup was not run.


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