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Re: Testing installer fails with debootstrap suite undefined

Dear Rasmus,

I am trying to install debian on my ASUS UX31, and have to use the
wheezy installer built from sid (debian-testing-amd64-netinst.iso) to
be able to detect the wireless card. And that works. But when
debootstap tries to install the base system, it fails, saying that
suite is undefined. I have tried running debootstrap manually from the
console, and it succeeds, but the installer doesn't register that the
base system has been installed, and thus won't proceed with the

So how do I move forward from here? I really just want to install
debian as quickly and painlessly as possible, not do a manual install,
so is there any way of telling the installer that the suite is
'wheezy' and avoiding the debootstrap-error?

d-i mirror/suite string testing


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