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Bug#656710: partman-crypto: Preseeding the passphrase

Am 21.01.2012 08:36, schrieb Christian PERRIER:
> Quoting Olaf Mandel (olaf@mandel.name):
>> The passphrase should be preseedable for unattended installations. This
>> is possible in the Ubuntu-version of this package since at least the end
>> of March 2010 (40ubuntu2). The attached patch is an independent
>> implementation of the same functionality.
> We generally leave it up to Colin Watson to decide what Ubuntu change
> is well suited for being included in Debian, when it comes at D-I. So
> let's get his input about this.

maybe I should clarify a bit: while I replicated a feature available in
Ubuntu, I did not copy their patch over! This started out as an
independent work and only later did I realise that Ubuntu had already
patched this. If you compare my patch (both the first, defective one and
the second, corrected one) to their package, you should see that I take
a different approach from how things are done in the Ubuntu package.

Bearing this in mind, Colin Watsons opinion is certainly welcome, but is
his approval really needed to consider this patch?

Best regards,
Olaf Mandel
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