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seeding debconf values

Hi all.

I stumbled about the following paragraph in the documenation [1]:

'For debconf variables (templates) used in the installer itself, the owner should be set to “d-i”; to preseed variables used in the installed system, the name of the package that contains the corresponding debconf template should be used. Only variables that have their owner set to something other than “d-i” will be propagated to the debconf database for the installed system.'

and wonder what is best practice for variables like:

debconf/priority select critical

I want this to be set during installation AND in the installed system, and noticed that:

debconf debconf/priority select critical

seems to apply for both.

Is that the correct way to go, or should i better define both:

d-i debconf/priority string critical
debconf debconf/priority select critical


[1]: http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/apbs03.html.en
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