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Re: The current kernel doesn't support the Logical Volume Manager. You may need to load the lvm-mod module.

Hi again.

The most strage thing: Wheezy and Squeezy (!) installers both was
broken. I feel somehow lost due 'stable' regression.

Are you using the kernel.org mirror? This one seems to be out of sync
atm. I had the same problem, which has been solved by downloading the
images form an up2date mirror.

No, we using 'mirror.yandex.ru' mirror to sync our own mirror (we
usually checking hashes and CRC before switch from old to new mirror
copy). I'm actually don't know where they do their sync...

I was not able to solve which package is broken... partman-lvm?
partman-lvm-auto? lvm2?

I have replaced kernel and initrd with the ones from:


and it worked again.

Please reply to the list, as it can be useful for others, too.


For Squeeze it works. For Wheezy, as I can see, does not, because files
are dated 2011...

... And parameters names are changed again - it suddenly starts to
asking about keyboard language. Anyway, I hope that one will be
survivable. Thank you again.

You can pass the string console-keymaps-at/keymap=us to the kernel, where us should be replaced with your prefered layout. You may also want to set locale=...


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