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Bug#658037: D-I tries to install Debian on my cellphone instead of loading the firmware

severity 658037 normal

Quoting Michelle Konzack (linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net):

> 2)  If I mount the USB-Stick (cellphone or SD card) manualy, D-I  detect
>     it as an install medium and does not bother installing Debian on it.
>     WTF?

So, D-I detects it as the only disk an considers installing Debian on
it. Why not? How TF cold it know that this is your cellphone?

> 3)  D-I can not mount a fresh bought SD card, or USB Stick,  because  it
>     want to enforce a superdisk on  /dev/sda  instead  of  mounting  the
>     parition /dev/sda1.
> However, the previous owner of the server had FC 8 installed on  it  and
> it worked, so why can D-I not load the modules and firmware?

See Lennart constrctive comments. I only address yor non constructive ones.

> Normaly this bug should be "grave" or even "critial"...

No, it shouldn't. Becase D-I doesn't work on *your* server doesn't
make it more grave. Please read the definition of "grave" and "critical".
It's not like you're a newbie with Debian.

> Note:   Don't believe, I throw away 400 Servers of a value
>         of more the 5 mio Euro even if D-I is sick!
>         Realy, Debian becomes more and more worse!
>         It was the best server systems and now it degrade it self.

Feel free to join the efforts of making it better.

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