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Bug#658037: D-I tries to install Debian on my cellphone instead of loading the firmware

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 02:43:26AM +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Yes, they are all 335-8676

Strange that they wouldn't work the same then.

Same BIOS/raid controller firmware versions on them all?

> > It shouldn't ask since the firmware is built in so that you can boot
> > from it.  Not like the network card.
> Yes, but why does the D-I not ask for the tg3_tso.bin?   OK, the card is
> even working without this Driver!  (I do not know, HOW this  works,  but
> there is some basic funktionality and i can connect with 100 Mbit to the
> network)

I believe the firmware just adds some offload capability.  Hardly needed
during install, but maybe worth installing 'firmware-linux-nonfree'
afterwards to get it.

> > Sometimes obscure hardware breaks in new kernels.  It happens and until
> > someone with that obscure hardware tests it, no one knows it is broken.
> Any ideas how to get this pig running?

Well I found reports of similar errors on 2.6.32 kernel from ubuntu,
which makes it seem there might be a problem in 2.6.32 for that driver.

You could try kmuto's unofficial installer which uses a newer kernel.
Those are very well done and often helps on hardware that doesn't like
the official installer.


Len Sorensen

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