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Fwd: Latest Wheezy installer does not work

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Subject: Latest Wheezy installer does not work
Resent-Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 19:01:13 +0000 (UTC)
Resent-From: debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 19:06:18 +0100
From: Jeroen Diederen <jjhdiederen@zonnet.nl>
To: debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org

I tried to install wheezy on on Powerpc based Mac with the latest iso. I 
tried the following ones:



I also tried a daily build:

In all cases I got the following error:

┌─────────────────────────┤ [!!] Download installer components ├─────────────────────────┐
│                                                                                        │
│ No kernel modules were found. This probably is due to a mismatch between the kernel    │
│ used by this version of the installer and the kernel version available in the archive. │
│                                                                                        │
│ If you're installing from a mirror, you can work around this problem by choosing to    │
│ install a different version of Debian. The install will probably fail to work if you   │
│ continue without kernel modules.                                                       │
│                                                                                        │
│ Continue the install without loading kernel modules?                                   │
│                                                                                        │
│<Go Back>                                                         <Yes>     <No>      │
│                                                                                        │

This problem I encountered for a few days now, also with earlier iso files.

Jeroen Diederen

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