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Bug#656877: flash-kernel not run during ordinary squeeze->squeeze upgrade

Le 22/01/2012 23:06, Jonathan Nieder a écrit :
Am I correct in guessing that the installed flash-kernel is version

Yes you are.

Hmm, this doesn't seem to be the same as 550584 since in this
example the kernel was flashed when creating the initramfs and not
when updating it 2.6.32-38 ->  2.6.32-39squeeze1, instead of the other
way around.

Right. Maybe should I mention that I use flashybrid (0.16), although it didn't seem to bother the creation of the initramfs. Anyway, below is reported flashybrid configuration in case it could be related.

In crontab : 0 9,17 * * * fh-sync
root@sheevaplug:/# cat /etc/flashybrid/config
# This is the main configuration file for the flashybrid system.

# The mount point of your flash memory.

# You probably want a ramdisk to be set up with directories that the system
# needs to write data to frequently, so that your flash disk can be mounted
# read-only. Flash memory can only be written to several thousand times over
# its lifetime, so setting up a ramdisk will extend the lifetime of your
# flash a lot. This is the location to mount the ramdisk. Comment out the
# line to not set up a ram disk.

# Commands to run to enter full mode. The disk will be mounted before
# this.
FULL_CMDS="mount -o remount,rw /"

# Commands to run to enter embedded mode. The disk will be unmounted before
# this. If you wanted to spin a disk down, you could add a hdparm -y
# command.
EMBED_CMDS="mount -o remount,ro /"

# This controls the maximum ammount of memory you want to allocate
# to the tmpfs RAM drive
# This parameter is optional, and if you do not supply if, tmpfs will
# occupy up to 50% of your available memory (ram+swap)

# You may also want to edit the other files in this directory:
# ramtmp, ramstore
root@sheevaplug:/# cat /etc/flashybrid/ramstore
# This is a list of directories that are used to store variable data
# that is written to during normal operation of the system, and that should
# be preserved across reboots.
# On boot, the listed directories on your flash disk will be copied to the
# ram disk, and then bind mounts will be used to make the directories on
# the ram disk replace them.
# On shutdown, the contents of those directories on the ramdisk will be
# rsynced back to the flash disk.
# Directories listed here that are not present will be silently ignored.
# Do not put the trailing slash on directories!

# Should always be in ram disk.

# If you don't use devfs/udev, you will want /dev in ram, since many things
# need to modify it when the system is running. Not needed on systems
# running udev.

# Necessary if the system is to be able to send mail while in embedded
# mode.
root@sheevaplug:/# cat /etc/flashybrid/ramtmp
# This is a list of directories that should be set up as temporary
# directories in the ramdisk. On boot, the directories listed will be
# created on the ramdisk, mode 1777. Their contents will not be saved
# across reboots. The equivilent directories on your flash will be
# removed and replaced with symlinks to these directories.

# Do not put the trailing slash on directories!


# This could go in ramstore if you prefer for its contents to persist
# across reboots.

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