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Bug#655841: Please remove Gnash from default Debian install, as it crashes

> gnash is not only installed with KDE, from what I see as its
> installation is triggerred by the desktop task, that's common to KDE
> and GNOME, at least.
> It is triggerred by "browser-plugin-gnash".
> What do you suggest as alternative? I don't think it is a good idea to
> not provide any flash-enabled web browser.

Unfortunately the Free Software community has not yet developed stable
flash player, therefore I suggest to avoid installing _unstable_
software by default.

The rule of thumb is to avoid regressions in general, and crashes in particular.

If a particular (even necessary) component is not ready it should not
be pushed into a default desktop installation. It can be provided with
a "BETA" or "technical preview" label for advanced users to install

In many cases, the lack of flash player will _improve_ user
experience: www.amd.com and www.google.com/finance are two examples;
If they detect browser without flash, they give the user static
version of the content. With gnash -- it just crash.

Therefore I suggest to remove "gnash" from the "desktop-task", and put
a "BETA" tag in the package description for the near point release
(6.0.4). And later make some serious review of this package for
Wheezy, before deciding to re-include it by default. (I will help with
the testing)

-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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