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Bug#655579: debian-installer: Unable to perform an installation : USB-input devices unusable



these come up when I type in "install expertgui" at the boot-prompt (from the help-menu) :

1. From the main terminal :
(process : 4170) : INFO :kbd-mode : setting console mode to Unicode (UTF-8)
The screen is flashing and the above line is repeating at every second or two, with an ever-increasing process number.

2. When i switched to another terminal :
main-menu[1526] :DEBUG: resolver (libc-udeb) : package doesn't exist (ignored)
main-menu [1526]:INFO: Menu item 'localechooser' selected
debconf : Setting debconf/language to en
kernel : [18.686451] debconf [1520] : segfault at 2000000036 ip 00007f89c8d29 sp 00007fff0e96bb50 error 4 in libc.so.6[7f89c6985000 + ff000]
init : process '/sbin/reopen-console /sbin/debian-installer' (pid 1509) exited. Scheduling for restart
init: starting pid 1614, tty '': '/sbin/reopen-console /sbin/debian-installer'

This is repeating as well, with init constantly re-spawning the process and the process numbers increasing with time.


This is known error in daily images from some days ago and it was already fixed. Can you try at least the latest daily image, which doesn't suffer from this problem, to get more details from the keyboard/mouse problem?

If it works in any other linux installation please check which kernel module is used (e.g. lspci -k).

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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