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Bug#655219: win32-loader: GNU/Hurd graphical installer doesn't boot when setup by win32-loader

Le lundi, 9 janvier 2012 15.38:50, Samuel Thibault a écrit :
> Could you try appending TERM=mach-color on the gnumach command line?
> That'll enable the purely text installer.

Done that (with the gtk/gnumach.gz as before); not better.

> > > How much memory does the system have?
> > 
> > It's a 64 bits, 8Gb, Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9650 @3GHz machine.
> It'd be good to check that gnu mach detects the 8GiB, and not something
> else that would not be enough for loading the big gtk initrd.
> Ideally you'd be able to catch the "AT386 boot: physical memory from
> 0x%x to 0x%x\n" message to know exactly how much it sees, and we'd be
> able to try to reproduce the issue you have. It'd shown on the screen,
> but also available in /var/log/syslog during the installer.

This gives "0x00 to 0xbfcffd00", so it seems like ~ 3 Gigs. One line later I 
get "Truncating memory size to 1855MiB".

Does that help ?


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