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Re: daily build 12/12/11 amd64

Just got the same bug on VirtualBox.
And 05-jan-2012 i386-netinst.iso

We have to search CD archives for working iso, and then go thru changelogs... :(

The non-graphical install works, all the way through
The install with speech works, but to be intelligible, needs to be on a slow machine.
On this machine it sounds like a strangled parrot with verbal diarrhoea, too fast to be intelligible.
The boot up options menus is functional.
I don't suspect it is a display issue as the first screen, language, is displayed properly.
There is no response to any keyboard action or mouse.
Hardware details in footer.
The problem occurs whether a nvidia or ATI graphics card is used.
MOBO is a Gigabyte 8800GM-UD2H.
It is also the same on my Dell Inspiration 15R laptop, which is Intel, which would point away from
hardware. Also points away from display problems as they are different screen formats.
I've had to put Fedora back on the laptop as the wireless is unusable, it connects and disconnects about
every 20 secs, after 10 mins. sometimes it stays stable for 1/2 hour , no more,

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