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Re: Bug#654574: Daily netinst.iso i386 on EEE PC 4G (701) hangs, expert install works

Just checked latest 05-Jan-2012 image.

The same thing happens on EEE PC.
Also i noticed, that it is possible to reboot laptop with ctrl-alt-del.
When pressing some keys, color lines and pixels appear in first 10 or 15 lines.

All action is in first Debian Installer boot menu.
[Graphical install]
[Advanced options]

If i boot Graphical, the same happens, but first lines in video buffer show color pixel refresh every second. It looks like some invalid VGA mode is selected, but buffer is filled without verifying what VGA mode is selected.

I booted the same image under VirtualBox 4.1.6-OSE.
Text mode and Expert mode installs work, only difference is that in Expert mode first VGA 80x25 (mode 0) is selected and vmlinuz boots, and only after that framebuffer text mode switches back. In default text mode installer kicks in framebuffer mode "314", and does not verify that it works or not.
Kernel boots and you see nothing...

Btw, Graphical install option hangs in VirtualBox. In Language selection screen. Mouse and keyboard do not work. But that is another story i think.


On 01/04/2012 10:19 PM, Miguel Figueiredo wrote:
What happens if installing in text mode?
This is reproducible with latest daily image? (now: 04-Jan-2012 16:25)
This image corrects a nasty recent bug #654309.

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