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Bug#653931: preseed: [INTL:id] Indonesian debconf templates translation update

Hi All,
I'm beginning my work on translation again. Currently being d-i. Sublevel1 already
commited to svn. Sublevel2 finish but not committed yet. Just FYI

On Mon, January 2, 2012 02:11, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Mahyuddin Susanto (udienz@ubuntu.com):
>> Source: preseed
>> Version: 1.50
>> Severity: wishlist
>> Tags: l10n patch
>> Hash: SHA256
>> Dear Maintainer,
>> Indonesian debconf templates translation update is attached.
>> msgfmt --statistics -c -v -o /dev/null id.po
>> id.po: 13 translated messages.
> Hello Mahyuddin,
> Thanks a lot for your work.
> preseed indeed belongs to Debian Installer. Translations for Debian
> Installer follow a specific process
> (http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/). PO files of all udebs are
> indeed aggregated in 5 different PO files where messages are sorted by
> priority.
> Up to now, Indonesian translations were handled by a few
> individuals. IIRC (I get many mails from many people), the last active
> person was Arief S Fitrianto <arief@gurame.fisika.ui.ac.id> but,
> indeed, updates are now quite old (just before the release of Squeeze
> were "id" was 100%....indeed Indonesian has always been 100% for
> Debian releases since the first time it was activated in D-I.
> It's good to see that more people could be interested in working on
> Debian translations for Indonesian: you may want to get in touch and
> coordinate with Arief (and maybe other people mentioned below) so that
> D-I translations are completed again.
> For you work to not be lost, I merged the PO file you sent with D-I
> "sublevel 3" file. I actually close the bug now even if preseed will
> indeed be really updated when someone builds and uploads it from SVN
> after next night's resynchronisation.
> Anyway, in case something is unclear here, feel free to ask for more
> details or explanations, I'd be happy to help you getting more
> involved into "id" localization if this is something you're interested in.
> Translators mentioned in D-I PO files headers:
> # Debian Indonesian L10N Team <debian-l10n-id@gurame.fisika.ui.ac.id>, 2004.
> # * Parlin Imanuel Toh (parlin_i@yahoo.com), 2004-2005.
> # * I Gede Wijaya S (gwijayas@yahoo.com), 2004.
> # * Arief S F (arief@gurame.fisika.ui.ac.id), 2004-2007.
> # * Setyo Nugroho (setyo@gmx.net), 2004.
> # Arief S Fitrianto <arief@gurame.fisika.ui.ac.id>, 2008.

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