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Request to support KDE as first-class citizen in Debian and add GNOME3 as technical-preview


The debian-installer defaults to GNOME, which is a bit sad for KDE users alike.
Currently d-i supports KDE, but on the standard Debian DVD media
bootloader, it is buried quite deep.
I'd like to see KDE and GNOME supported on an equal footing in Debian.

openSUSE's Yast gives equal footing to top-tier desktop environments.
[ ]-KDE4

[ ]-Extra environments

One advantage is that both KDE and GNOME are supported on the same level.
Another advantage is that it allows to put 'technical preview' into
stable distro.

openSUSE 11.0 had a though choice - KDE3 (mature) or KDE 4.0 (which
was immature at the time)
So they added both options:
[ ]-KDE3
[ ]-KDE4[ ]-GNOME

Fedora 9 didn't had the KDE3 option, so many frustrated KDE users
moved to openSUSE during early KDE4 fiasco.

The same problem now happens with Debian Wheezy which will have to
decide for GNOME3 or GNOME2.
But with improved d-i it would be possible to include *both*, and call
GNOME3 'technical preview'.

Wheezy could look like:
[ ]-KDE
[ ]-GNOME2
[ ]-GNOME3 (technical preview)
[Extra environments] button

GNOME3 largely shares the problem of early KDE4 -- too big change to
swallow by many (GNOME2) users.
I understand this will toss packages on the DVDs, but still it looks
like a good idea.

Thanks in advance,--
-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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