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Re: Proposal: convert all udebs to xz compression

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> >From my side you have a "go ahead" but I'd like to hear from Colin and
> Joey if they can think about any con about doing it.

No objection to the concept. 

Code review:

+	while (fgets(buf, sizeof(buf), infp)) {
+		if (strncmp(buf, "data.tar.", 9) == 0) {
+			compression_type = buf + 9;
+			break;
+		}
+	}

There is no point in looping here, because if the ar -t output is somehow
longer than sizeof(buf), the data.tar.* output could be split across buffers
and so you've already lost. Anyway, with a buffer of 8192, that won't
happen unless the deb format changes in a very unexpected way.

FWIW, this code would fail if the dpkg format got a new member named something
like data.tar.gz.sign.

+	puts(buf);

leftover debugging?

see shy jo

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