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Re: Running cdebconf. Status and RFC

And, after a small delay, I believe I now have cdebconf in a pretty
interesting state in git.

I followed Joey's suggestion to copy the original debconf files to the
location cdebconf would expect to find them, with symlinks. I added the
creation of some backup files, and made the moving conditional to

I also created a config file and dummy postinst to get it called. I tried
to take a different approach to the frontend selection, to be more dynamic
and only suggest the frontend that are actually present. I'd welcome any
review and/or remark if I did anything wrong. I didn't import the
debconf/priority templates because I'm not sure what that best way to do
it would be. I also didn't set the templates as translatable yet, in case
I got it wrong.

By actually running it on my system I managed to hit a couple of issues,
which should now be sorted, and the whole thing should actually be usable,
except for the lack of escape capability.

Anyway, I'm quite keen to make an upload, though a quick double check
before I do would be welcome.


On Fri, October 14, 2011 12:18, Regis Boudin wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Just to let you know, I've done some work on it, had some real life stuff
> to deal with, and hit some technical issue, but I believe I just found
> what was my last blocking problem, so I'm now expecting to push a working
> version during the weekend.
> Regis

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