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warn users if they try to install desktop with CD1 and no network?


just before debconf I bought a new laptop. Crypto-LVM
initialization took so long that I ended up having to finish the
installation in my hotel room with only WPA2 network. I used

Debian GNU/Linux "Squeeze" - Official amd64 CD Binary-1 20110626-16:33

and chose the desktop and laptop tasks during installation. During the
"Could we make desktop users need their local Debian geeks less?" BoF I
wondered if it was normal that my new installation did not offer
Shutdown as an option in GNOME's System->Shut Down dialog.

It took me a while to realize what's going on. CD1 does not contain the
all the components that are part of the laptop and desktop tasks. Yet
the installer is not able to warn the users about this. So if you have a
WPA network and you install from CD1 you will end up with an incomplete
system. At this point I found


Would it be possible for d-i to detect this scenario and at least warn
the user about it? Something like

  "You have not configured networking. This means that tasks
   ${LIST_OF_TASKS} can not be fully installed. You can still continue
   and install the missing parts by running tasksel manually at a later

should help.

I'll file this as a wishlist bug against d-i unless I get feedback that
suggests something else :-)


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