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D-I daily builds: armel no longer stuck, mipsel still failing

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):

> > > > - armel on alain hasn't been built since July 30th
> > 
> > > Still same problems....
> > 
> > Rsync from alain still fails randomly on some days...
> Well, now it's not randomly, it's every day for one week..:-)

Someone might have been waving a magic wand somewhere, because the
build succeeded last night.

We're now left with "only" a failure of mipsel daily builds.


Need to download: anna archdetect bogl-bterm-udeb busybox-udeb cdebconf-newt-terminal cdebconf-newt-udeb cdebconf-priority cdebconf-text-udeb cdebconf-udeb choose-mirror choose-mirror-bin colo-udeb console-keymaps-at debian-archive-keyring-udeb di-utils di-utils-reboot di-utils-shell di-utils-terminfo download-installer env-preseed ethdetect file-preseed gpgv-udeb hw-detect initrd-preseed installation-locale kbd-chooser kernel-image-2.6.39-2-r5k-cobalt-di libblkid1-udeb libcrypto1.0.0-udeb libdebconfclient0-udeb libdebian-installer4-udeb libfribidi0-udeb libiw30-udeb libnl3-udeb libnss-dns-udeb libtextwrap1-udeb libuuid1-udeb localechooser lowmemcheck main-menu module-init-tools-udeb nano-udeb net-retriever netcfg network-preseed pciutils-udeb preseed-common rescue-check rootskel save-logs udev-udeb udpkg util-linux-udeb wpasupplicant-udeb zlib1g-udeb
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
E: Unable to locate package kernel-image-2.6.39-2-r5k-cobalt-di
E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'kernel-image-2.6.39-2-r5k-cobalt-di'
make[3]: *** [stamps/get_udebs-cobalt_netboot-2.6_common-stamp] Error 100
make[2]: *** [dest/cobalt/netboot-2.6/vmlinux-2.6.39-2-r5k-cobalt] Error 2
make[1]: *** [_build] Error 2
make: *** [build_cobalt_netboot-2.6_common] Error 2

So, missing kernel udeb, apparently.

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