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Bug#634248: debootstrap: Add support for XZ compressed binary packages

Hi Otavio,

On Sun, 24 Jul 2011, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> It seems XZ support has been included in 1.0.21, as can be seen at:

Yeah but debian-installer doesn't have bzip2 and xz in the host so it's
not really useful... you saw the recent bugs when libacl used bz2

>  About the use of xz I see no reason to use for base packages as it
> has following consequences:
>  * bigger memory footprint;

This is mostly moot, it's 10Mb with the default compression level that we
plan to use.

>  * xz dependecy in host;

This is true but it's relatively small in size.

That said if you want to avoid it, what are the base packages where
it must absolutely be avoided?

All essential + their (transitive) dependencies?

I mean at some point dpkg and their dependencies have been unpacked
and debootstrap can/could switch to the chrooted dpkg instead of using
tar.xz + ar from the host.

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